the future.

Growing top quality Phalaenopsis in sustainable nurseries. This is our driving force. Our team works tirelessly every day to enable consumers to enjoy the splendour of these wonderful flowers.

About Ter Laak Orchids

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion. We do this worldwide to the very highest quality standards. We achieve this outstanding quality by using technical innovations and continuously developing our product. And sustainably, of course – because being green is deeply rooted in our DNA. We want to minimise our environmental impact and make a positive contribution towards a sustainable world.

Optimum enjoyment
care instructions

You want to continue to enjoy your orchid for as long as possible. That’s a given. So here are some care tips to help you along the way.

Step in the world
of the orchid

Always inspiring. That's what our inspiration hub is all about. Immerse yourself in our range, discover our novelties and find out all about our sustainable nurseries.

Visit our
orchid store

Right next door to our nursery you’ll find the Orchid Store, which is open to the public. Here you can choose everything from a beautiful Phalaenopsis plant or a floral bouquet to an entire arrangement. All fresh from the greenhouse! After all, we want you to experience the top quality of our sustainably grown orchids.