Our range is carefully curated. Our growers work closely with leading breeders and carry out their own breeding and product development work. The result? A unique range of special collections available in various shapes and pot sizes.


There can be no sound without silence. Opposites complement each other. The harmony of contradictory sensations. Understated and outspoken, simple and complex, delicate and powerful – an orchid as layered as the soul. Our special cultivation method creates short, robust branches with large flowers, making Spirit the perfect centrepiece.


Mimesis holds up a mirror to your heart – a glimpse into your hidden desires and a reflection of your innermost self. Mimesis moves and surprises, supports and energises. An expression of unity with each other and within yourself. These are orchids as you know and love them. An endless range of varieties, colours and sizes, selected especially for you.


An orchid as mysterious and elusive as the muses who inspire artists. Its wild flowers reflect an unquenchable desire for freedom. An inexhaustible source of creativity and vitality. The meandering branches give Muse its bold form. With its compact size, it is guaranteed to look stunning anywhere in your home.


Dauntless and exuberant, Marvellous greets you with its lush head of flowers. Daring and spirited, an infectious burst of petals that makes the world a little more cheerful. The pot comes with two plants rather than one, resulting in an abundance of flowers – gorgeous combinations, ranging from small to large. Marvellous is a bouquet that you will be able to enjoy for months on end.