Ter Laak Orchids

Growing Phalaenopsis is our passion. We do this worldwide to the very highest quality standards. We achieve this outstanding quality by using technical innovations and continuously developing our product. And sustainably, of course – because being green is deeply rooted in our DNA. We want to minimise our environmental impact and make a positive contribution towards a sustainable world.


Growing top quality Phalaenopsis in fully sustainable nurseries. That is our driving force. So, what does this mean? We want to minimise our impact on the environment and surroundings, give waste streams a second life and safeguard our employees’ well-being. In doing so, we are constantly raising the bar. Over the next few years, we will take significant strides to become even more sustainable. The goal for 2030 is to have a fully circular greenhouse. In other words: a greenhouse featuring a closed system, to grow plants with attention for people, the environment and the surrounding area. The aim is to enjoy greenery responsibly, now and in the future.


Our range is carefully curated. We work closely with leading breeders and carry out our own breeding and product development work. The result? A unique collection of orchids available in various shapes and pot sizes.


Ter Laak Orchids has been a real family business right from the start. With the expertise and experience we have gained over several generations, we produce top quality orchids every day. The combination of our craftsmanship and the professionals we bring in has allowed us to grow the business over time. After all, doing business at the highest level involves more than simply growing a good product. With the right people in the right place, we are creating an organisation that is ready for the future.


Did you know that plants spend about 1½ years in our greenhouse? During that period, they grow from a small cutting to a flowering orchid.

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Wij geloven in samenwerking en krachten bundelen. Daarom verkopen wij onze planten via het platform The Orchid Growers.

Avontuur in Guatemala

Ondernemerschap zit in ons bloed. Zien wij kansen, dan pakken we die met beide handen aan. Daarom hebben wij in 2016 onze vleugels uitgeslagen naar Midden-Amerika.