Our Sustainable

Sustainability is woven into our DNA. We want to make a positive contribution to a sustainable world and minimize our environmental impact. This is reflected in everything we do. We invest in sustainable solutions that help to reduce water waste, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. We want to grow green. So that we can enjoy what the world has to offer us now and in the future.


Energy is always top of mind for us. We invest in technical innovations that generate energy sustainably. A good example of this is the Daylight Greenhouse. Special lenses in its roof concentrate the rays of the sun onto a tube containing running water. This heats the water which can then be stored. The heat can either be used to warm the greenhouse straight away or at a later time, for example at night or in winter. This cuts our energy consumption by 40–50% compared with a conventional greenhouse. We also use solar panels, LED lighting and a ground-coupled heat exchanger. We’re also affiliated with a heat cooperative that develops geothermal energy.


Water is a scarce commodity that must be handled with care. In our nurseries, we recirculate the water and use an underground water storage facility. This enables us to collect excess rainwater that can be pumped up later to water our plants. Not only that, but it also enables us to combat soil salinisation and help keep water levels down in the surrounding area in case of heavy rain.


Our plants need CO2 to grow. To meet this need, we supply them with the CO2 released by our CHPs. Our nurseries also participate in the OCAP initiative. OCAP delivers CO2 emitted by the Botlek industrial estate to major greenhouse horticulture locations. All this CO2 is absorbed by our plants, which then convert it into oxygen. This sustainable way of reducing CO2 emissions also helps us to contribute to a better climate.


Our aim is for everyone in the supply chain – from breeders to consumers – to be able to enjoy our Phalaenopsis responsibly. That’s why sustainability, traceability, product security and good employment practices are so important to us. As proof that this is well embedded in our organisation, we hold MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-ProductProof and MPS-SQ certifications.


We grow organically to the greatest possible extent. For example, we use biological methods to control pests and diseases. These methods are better for the environment and enable us to mimic the Phalaenopsis’ natural environment. This means our plants feel completely at home in the greenhouse and our environmental impact is minimised.


Our team members are the driving force behind our business. That's why continued professional development and employee satisfaction are a priority for us. No matter what your level or personal ambitions. We want everyone to feel comfortable in the workplace at all times. How do we achieve this? By creating a positive work environment with room for individual input, growth and training. An environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle and having fun together. Creating a positive work environment is a team effort.