Our sustainable

Growing top quality Phalaenopsis in fully sustainable nurseries. That is our driving force. So, what does this mean? We want to minimise our impact on the environment and surroundings, give waste streams a second life and safeguard our employees’ well-being. In doing so, we are constantly raising the bar. Over the next few years, we will take significant strides to become even more sustainable. The goal for 2030 is to have a fully circular greenhouse. In other words: a greenhouse featuring a closed system, to grow plants with attention for people, the environment and the surrounding area. The aim is to enjoy greenery responsibly, now and in the future.

Less impact

We mimic Phalaenopsis' natural environment in our greenhouses. The climate and growing conditions are managed with a view to making the orchid feel completely at home. To do this, we need energy and water. To minimise the environmental impact, we invest in sustainable solutions that help reduce our energy consumption and replace fossil fuels with green energy sources. What's more, we are aiming for full recirculation of water. To keep plants healthy, we invest in green crop protection. We have come a long way but are not there yet. We are working towards fossil-free, emission-free and chemical-free production.

Reduce waste

We work according to the 'refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle' principle when it comes to packaging and waste. We are continuously asking ourselves how we can avoid and/or reduce material use, and reuse and/or recycle materials. If it were up to us, waste would be a thing of the past soon; all waste streams will be repurposed.

Healthy people

We work to produce top quality orchids every day. We attach great importance to being a good employer, including by creating good employment conditions and a pleasant working environment. Being a good employer is about more than that, however. We want everyone to have space to further their development. That is why we invest in knowledge, growth and fun. These efforts result in beautiful orchids that consumers throughout Europe can enjoy responsibly for a long time. In turn, this then leads to healthy people! Plants make us happy, after all. We are more productive and more creative in a green environment. In addition, plants have the effect of reducing stress and boosting our ability to concentrate. And that’s not all. Flowers and plants connect us. They provide a sense of togetherness in celebratory and sad moments alike.


Our aim is for everyone in the supply chain – from breeders to consumers – to be able to enjoy our Phalaenopsis responsibly. That’s why sustainability, traceability, product security and good employment practices are so important to us. As proof that this is well embedded in our organisation, we hold MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-ProductProof and MPS-SQ certifications.