The one-stop-shop
for phalaenopsis

The one-stop shop for

We believe in cooperation and joining forces. That is why we sell our plants through The Orchid Growers platform.

The Orchid Growers

The Orchid Growers is the sales and marketing organisation of the Ter Laak Orchids and Orchios nurseries. By pooling these two growers’ offerings in the market, The Orchid Growers delivers the convenience of a complete range and allows our customers to find Phalaenopsis in all shapes and sizes under one roof. That's what we call a one-stop shop.


The plants that meet our highest quality standards leave our nursery under the Mimesis brand. Mimesis is about emotion, sharing and connecting. Mimesis comes from the Greek, and literally means ‘reflection’. When you give someone an orchid as a gift, it reflects your love, pride or support for them. With Mimesis we want to inspire our customers with exciting new product applications, handy tips and eye-catching in-store product presentations.